Sunday, March 22, 2009

Back Home Again in Indiana

I am happy to announce that we made it home safe and sound and without a hitch. It was flawless. The flights were all on time. No problems with Customs or security. It was almost enjoyable - if you take out the fact that we had been going since 8 am Saturday morning. I would imagine that everyone is taking showers, eating something much less African and getting to bed soon. Some students have class tomorrow and will need all the rest they can get.

Thank you all for following along on our African adventure. The students were very well behaved, polite, and fun to hang out with. A special thank you to our bus driver, Charles, and our tour guide, Jorge. Without you both, this trip wouldn't have been half as informative, educational, or fun. We all really miss you guys!

Since internet service was sketchy at times, I wasn't able to load all the videos or photos I had taken each day. I will be working feverishly tomorrow to get the blog updated as much as possible. Any posting that I add pictures or video to will be updated with the word "Updated" at the beginning. Please keep following along as we debrief about the trip later this week and then see something on the presentations each of the groups present. They are sure to be wonderful.


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