Friday, March 13, 2009

Let The Journey Begin

The last emails have been written, homework finished (hopefully), and bags are all packed. Now we all just sit around until the bus comes to take us to the Indianapolis airport. The journey is about to begin. A few of us have never travelled internationally before so this will be the trip of a lifetime. Others are old hats at the international scene, but still seem anxious to finally get on the road.

The days ahead hold very exciting things. Here are a few of the business and academic places we will be visiting: the Cocoa Marketing Board, the United Nations Population Fund, and a professor from the University of Ghana. There will be a chance for us to take in some cultural tours and sightseeing in places like Kakum National Park, craft markets, and Cape Coast and Elmina Castles.

Well, the call just arrived. It's time to stop blogging and head to the bus. Follow us as we embark on our adventure.

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