Thursday, March 19, 2009

Castles and Sandy Beach

We made it. We have safely made it to Cape Coast. The beach and resort are phenominal. None of us can describe how great this place is - and we've tried! Once we got here, some of the students changed clothes and hit the beach. We have lots of pictures of them playing in the water but the internet isn't strong enough to load them right now. Have no fear, there will be massive uploading and updating being done once we get home (if I can't get it done sooner).

Today was an action packed day. We got an early start (8:00) because we had to pack the bus (all the bags on TOP of the bus) and get on the road to Cape Coast. First stop was Cape Coast Castle. The tour was quite upsetting. The castle was the British hub for most of the slave trade here in the Gold Coast. We were put into the dungeons and they turned off the lights and closed doors to give us an idea of what the slaves went through. It was quite the once in a lifetime experience. And we got to do it againat the Portugese slave castle, St. George/Elmina Castle. This place was twice the size of Cape Coast. Again the tour was upsetting but a necessary stop on the tourist agenda.

Well, it's late and we've had dinner. Those African carbs are putting most of us to sleep and the rest of us are ready to chill on the beach. Tomorrow holds some special treats. We'll be making our own fabric (well, batiking) and then heading to Kakum National Park. Some may have heard about the bridge in the tops of the trees. That's where we'll be headed. And we have some other special treats tomorrow night but we have to leave you in a little suspense. I promise to capture as much video as possible.


  1. The waves look fun! How cold is that water?

  2. The water isn't cold at all. It's very warm. The waves were a little much for most of us to deal with.