Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Countdown Is On

The students seemed a little more animated in class last evening. We were visited by two students from last year's Ghana trip. They were full of wonderful advice about what to pack, what NOT to pack, and how many suitcases to bring (one for clothes; one for souvenirs). We were also visited by Dr. Obeng, Professor of Linguistics in the African Studies department. He gave us a deeper insight into the politics, music, and religion of the country.

Negotiating in the markets was also a hot topic. The pricing structure is layered; the highest reserved for the "obroni" (tourist). Prices drop depending on your age, knowledge of the language, and negotiating skills. It will definitely be an interesting time.

Next Monday, we are all meeting for dinner. This will be a great opportunity for the students to talk with the faculty and staff going on the trip and really get to know them. Since we will all be spending some quality time together, this is a wonderful way to prepare us all for what lies ahead. But the countdown to Ghana has definitely started.

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